Closer To The Truth
Closer To The Truth 2


October 1st, 2008






Digital Download

Record Label:

Cryoshell I/S


Gravity Hurts (2008)


Bye Bye Babylon (2009)

Closer To The Truth is Cryoshell's fourth song and it was used as the soundtrack for LEGO's BIONICLE 'Mistika' toyline. It was released on October 1, 2008 as a free download from the official BIONICLE website.

Music VideoEdit

A music video for the song was shot in August 2008 and was released the following Fall on October 8th. It features Cryoshell shown performing in seperate shots on a music stage with speakers and bright lights in the background. Clips from the BIONICLE Mistika Short Movie were cut into the video.


  • The music video marks the first appearance of the newly-formed Cryoshell in a music video.
  • A remix of the song was recorded in 2009 and was released with the Creeping In My Soul EP and renamed Closer To The Truth (Take Me Home). The song was later edited into the original song's music video and uploaded onto Cryoshell's official YouTube channel. It is also included as the fifth track on Cryoshell's self-titled debut album, renamed back to it's original title. The remix also became a "promotional" single, due to the fact that the original song was released with a music video.
  • In the commercials to help advertise the LEGO BIONICLE 'Mistika' sets, a guitar riff performed by Cryoshell, thought to be part of Closer To The Truth, was used with the soundtrack. The riff however never made it into the final cut of the song or it's remix.

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