December 9, 2012






Digital download

Record Label:

Cryoshell I/S

Last Single:

Creeping in my Soul (2009)

Next Single:

Gravity Hurts (2018)

"Breakout" is a song by Cryoshell featuring Tine Midtgaard, released on December 9, 2012 on iTunes as a stand-alone single. It is one of two new songs to be recorded with Midtgaard (the other being a remix of "Gravity Hurts") that will be released over the winter period of 2012 and 2013.


In November 2011, Jacob Hansen -  Head of Hansen Studios and producer on Cryoshell's debut studio album - announced via the studio's website that Cryoshell had recorded two new songs with singer Tine Midtgaard, a runner-up on the Danish version of the talent show The X Factor, and confirmed one of the tracks' titles as "Breakout".

One year later, Christian Faber - Partner and Creative Director at the creative agency Advance in Copenhagen, Denmark - revealed the cover arts for "Breakout" and the newly announced re-recorded version of "Gravity Hurts" and confirmed that the tracks were to be released "shortly".


  • The song is used in the animated television series LEGO Hero Factory as the soundtrack to the two-part story "Breakout" and can be heard during the end credits.
  • Midtgaard temporally replaced Christine "Lore" Lorentzen (the band's original lead singer) who is/was taking time off from the band to look after her new-born child.